When I was about 10-11 years old, I started to draw and to like a lot to do it.

With time, my passion for drawing kept going with me, mainly in my school notebooks, but, along with the college I started to devote more time and paper to it.

I never went to Art School. Instead, I studied Biological Sciences at Universidade de São Paulo (USP), where I also obtained a M. Sc. degree, with focus on Plant Systematics. For many years I struggled myself not knowing if I was going to work as a botanist, or with art in some way, but when I finished my M. Sc. and the time for decision arrived, I noticed that drawing is my passion, but botany is my job.

Now I am still trying to find a way to make drawings, paintings, graffitis, lithographies and photos when I am not working as a Ph. D. student at USP.

Hope you enjoy what you will find here ;)

Leonardo Borges